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Thursday Round Up

February 5th, 2009 . by Cary

Yes, it’s the return of the (sortof) weekly round up. Let’s take a look at what’s going on around my daily reads:

Steve over at A Sense of Place shares his tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city living, this time in the form of cavorting sea lions.

Akinoluna talks about hair regulations in the USMC, and a particualr hairstyle that apparently has crossed a boundary.

Brother Johnny Helms finishes up his series on “No Foreclosures for the Child of God” on Amazed In His Presence.

Mathematical Gymnastics from Nancy Pelosi, courtesy of Amboy Times, Political Pistachio and Texas Fred.

Mr. Bush (no, the one in California) has a few choice words for the first lovefest press conference of the Obama administration on American and Proud.

The question of his citizenship rears it’s head again, this time involving former VP Cheney, the entire House and Senate collectively, and Pelosi individually. Read all about it on An Obama Nation.

Go to An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings for your daily dose of common sense and news.

Notes on Michael Steele on ARRA News Service – while you are there, drop the Ozark Guru a note and make sure he hasn’t gotten too much sun with all the Global Warming in his neck of the woods…

Check out the huge grey squirrel on At The Water.

You want an unadulterated take on the headlines? Check out Basti Says for the latest and greatest. Mostly, pointing out that the Emperor Has No Clothes is keeping Basti busy these days.

Blackfive. ‘Nuff said.

BZ weighs in with a terrific article on Bloviating Zeppelin. Go, join the discussion, and marvel at the idiocy spouted by a former world leader.

Andy Heatwole has a beautiful shot of Pennybacker Bridge posted over at Blue Hour Photo.

Photo caption contest over on Bottom Line Up Front.

GuyK is freezing his extremities down in Sunny Florida, courtesy of Algores Global Warming. Check out his thoughts on the weather on Charming Just Charming.

Go anser the poll question on Conservative Intelligence Report.

cookiecrumbexpress has a couple of good ones up today – Obama’s road to being hated by the left, and a new line of automobiles that helps TEH ONE accomplish a couple of goals…

A note from Dean and an open letter to the President can be found on Do The Right Thing.

A Jacksonian give a Cliff’s Note version of the Laws of Nations on Dumb Looks Still Free. Worth the read – and, if you are interested, he even gives links to other, longer commentary on the subject.

Find out why this bear market is leading to a bull’s worth of scammers on Fraud, Phishing, and Financial Misdeeds.

Hope, Change, and no Utah Oil Leases! Oh, he didn’t say that? Actions speak louder than words. Posted on Gateway Pundit.

Gawfer has a Thought for the Week.

The Gunny went Geocaching while the cherry blossoms were blooming. I am so jealous.

Jenn is on a roll.

Taking full advantage of Obama’s promise not to weaponize space, Islam has. Details on Maggie’s Notebook.

Gunny Nick Popaditch, the cigar-smokin’, tank commandin’, fine example of “Semper Fi” is this week’s Wednesday Hero, found on Mail Call! Supporting the Troops and Old Soldier.

Mary’s World has reviews for this week’s literary picks.

Learn what the DEM, MSM, and former President Carter don’t want you to know – seven basic facts about hamas, courtesy of Monkey in the Middle.

Get a chuckle from The Loon.

Are you a numbers person? Sheck out the video on Our Sovereign Joy. That should make you think for a while.

Personal Economic Stimulus – are you being fair to your neighbors? Find out what Greybeard has done to stimulate his local economy on Pitchpull.

Superbowl review on RattlorGator Blog.

In answer to a question not spoken – yes, tough ladies cry too.

A Blur Spot has a nice quote from Mr. Nugent on Some Things Just Need To Be Said.

12,682 and counting.

A Thought of the day courtesy of Andrew Tallman.

Who in their right mind conducts themselves dishonorably while holding a replica of the honorable Bat’leth? Find out on the BLOG.

Ron is back on The Old Right Daily.

Taco Bell has a good post on Posers over on The Sandgram.

JFK stuff on Third Wave Dave.

TJ has a nice review of TEH ONE’s second week of reign power being in office on TJ’s Anti-Contrarian Blog.

Last, but not least, Rasmussen released a survey that pretty much says what those with any power of observation already know. Check the results at Yid With Lid.

Thanks for bearing with me. I know, it’s a lot – but if you have suggestions for which ones to cut out (and help for my withdrawals) I am more than willing to listen.

Chat ya later…


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Sort-of Round Up

January 29th, 2009 . by Cary

First – and most importantly, go here and check out the line up for an eleven hour marathon of Operation Valentine – sending verbal Valentines for the troops doing the job that needs to be done. Don’t be a weeny – I’ll be checking it out all day, and I really want to see you guys popping in now and again too.

Second – whoever signed me up for Rosanna Pulido’s e-mail list – I appreciate the fact that you think I can do something, but I cannot contribute (no income = no contributions) and I certainly can’t vote – at least, not without ACORN’s help, since I live in Glendale, Arizona and she is running in the fifth district of Illinois. However, if you ARE in the Illinois fifth district, do what you can to support her – she is all for border control, and the invader’s activist’s are fighting very hard against her, proof to me that she is doing good work FOR this country.

Third – check out the blogs listed over in the sidebar under “Daily Read” and let them know how talented and insightful they are.

Fourth – I’ve temporarily halted the auto-play on the BlogTalkRadio widget in the sidebar. Yes, even I got tired of hearing my scratchy throat from so long ago. I suppose this means that I better come up with a new show if I want to have something playing, right?

Chat with you later…


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Red Friday Edition

December 5th, 2008 . by Cary

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Are YOU wearing red to show your support for our troops?

Today on The O Word on BlogTalkRadio we talked about history, heard President Roosevelt’s December 8, 1941 address to the joint session of Congress, talked about CPT Rob Yllescas, Squatters in Foreclosed Homes, Arizona Speed Cameras, the District of Columbia wanting Congressional Representation, the Supreme Court and Obama’s citizenship, WWII Code Talkers; and we heard from AnnieB, prying1, and sixgees4u. Catch the show in archive and rate it!

Quick reminder for those able to get there – Handel’s Messiah will be performed by the Rancho Music Association at Temecula United Methodist Church, 42690 Margarita Rd., Temecula, CA 92592 on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 4:00 pm (PST) – get there early for the best seats. Admission is free, a good-will offering will be taken. More detail is available here.

cary friday

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Wednesday Round Up

December 3rd, 2008 . by Cary

I know – I’m a day early. TMBWitW has had a slight schedule change for this week, she’ll be working from home tomorrow instead of today, so I thought I would do my round up today. If this throws you off, please come back tomorrow and laugh at my mis-print in the title.

First Things First:
As you recall, I have been following the blog of the Yllescas Family. On Monday, Captain Rob Yllescas succumbed to injuries received from an IED in Afghanistan in late October. Please let his wife, Dena, and their families know how much the service of Rob means to you, your family, and the country. Services will be in Nebraska, time and date will be published on the blog.

Help a young Marine clinging to life – see the details at Texas Fred, help pass the word around – you neve4r know if you have a reader in the D/FW area, or if you can maybe help out somehow.

Elect Conservatives:
The only way to avoid the Democrat’s ideal of socialism everywhere (“it works, it just hasn’t had the right people in charge yet…”) is to elect conservatives from the bottom up. cookiecrumbexpress has the start.

Delusions of the Media (or, “India can’t Happen Here”):
When is a gun-wielding, explosive throwing, damage-inflicting person who is targeting people of particular citizenry not a terrorist? Check out Cube’s entry on the BLOG to find out. BlackFive has a piece about the elitist media fooling themselves. Gateway Pundit writes about the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks. Dumb Looks Still Free has a “Stuck On Stupid” list for your perusal. Making a “no-bite” agreement with a snake will get you bit – details on Third Wave Dave.

Love Story:
Tissue alert – Ray writes about his Love, Von, on Do The Right Thing.

Wednesday Hero:
Honored by Old Soldier, Mail Call! Supporting the Troops

Travel Story:
The casino on the way home lured in An Ol’ Broad! A different kind of story, but it explains so well what those who are returning from less-than-friendly areas go through on the Sandgram.

Locker Room Mixups at Amazed In His Presence, obvious answers to those nagging questions at The American Apologist, confusino as to what a “gift” really is on Evolution Right

Guns Don’t Kill People:
American and Proud has a story all too common – a returned hero is killed at home. Rob talks about the causes – and the prevention. The Bull speaks out about crime in St. Louis. Texas Fred has a story where guns would have come in handy…

Our Heroes:
RGRoland has a picture of some heroes.

Being Themselves:
Charming Just Charming, Richard, Alaska Steve, Mary’s World, Akinoluna

The Department of the Silver Lining:
Has the Shine Dulled? Jenn of the Jungle and Bloviating Zeppelin have part of the discussion. Political Pistachio has another angle – just how much of the Constitution is the president-elect willing to ignore? mdconservative® asks how Obama got hold of Republican wording during his meeting with the governors on Conservative Intelligence Report. More discussion on ARRA News Service.

The Importance of Being Earnest:
Thought of the Day from Andrew Tallman. Jury Duty for the wife of an active-duty Marine on Write on the Right – who, by the way, is on Okinawa…

You Think Our Politics is Bad…:
…at least most of the time, your vote is counted! Check out LimaLimaMikeFoxtrot for an ugly alternative.

“Have An Accident?” “No Thanks, Just Did.”:
How NOT to rescue the pilot on Pitchpull.

Things That Offend muslims:
Amboy Times adds to the list – statues?!?

Settled In:
Samantha West has gotten settled in and hooked up once again.

Depravity of Humans:
Our Sovereign Joy asks how low can we go?


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Gotta Love Mondays

November 24th, 2008 . by Cary

I mean, I have so much rolling around in my head – I doubt all of it will get written.

Saturday evening, I got my first cab at about 1645 hours. When I went out to check it and get it ready to go, I had to put air in the left front tire – and I wasn’t sure it would stay there. Once I got on the road, I could hear the “tik-tik-tik” of something metallic in the tire, so I pulled into a parking lot and looked it over – sure enough, a nail in the tread. I took that one back, and got a second cab by 1715 hours. First call was to a bar on 83rd Ave. and Indian School. A lady (who apparently is an early-evening drinker) needed a ride home. When she tried to get into the back seat, she couldn’t. I mean she just could NOT get her body to work right so she could climb into the back seat. She asked if she could sit in front, and I told her yes. I went around, opened the front door, cleared my stuff off the seat, and held the door for her. Now, the cab company policy is that the driver is not to touch the passenger. That means that the passenger is supposed to be able to get themselves in and out of the cab on their own. If they need help due to a medical condition, then the passenger is supposed to contact a non-emergency medical transport company. At any rate – this lady was having a hard time getting into the front seat, also. Don’t get me wrong – she could walk under her own power – she just couldn’t climb onto the seat. At one point, I noticed that the exertions had caused her to urinate in her jeans. Yes, she was working that hard to climb into the cab.

Did I mention that she is a little person? A dwarf – midget – whatever they call themselves.

She finally got herself situated kind of oddly – so that her legs were in the area of the floorboards, and her upper body was on the seat – and she was pretty much laying, face down, on the front seat of the car after fifteen minutes of attempting to get in. She gave me the address, and we were off. Once we arrived at her house (about seven blocks from the bar) it took her another five minutes to get back OUT of the car. She was, however, very gracious, and tipped nicely (the fare was $5.00 and she added two). I managed to keep a straight face until I was at least a block away, and then I just couldn’t help but laugh until the next call came in…

Maggie Thornton cross-posted a piece on global warming on her own Notebook and on Reject the U.N. regarding Global Warming. You’ve all heard how 2500 distinguished scientists have backed the warming models used in the dire predictions – have you heard that 500 of them have since retracted their support? Or that more than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition stating that all the hot air about Anthropogenic Global Warming is just that – a bunch of hot air? I wonder why the MSM hasn’t published any articles about the group that is fifteen times larger…

From Wild Phil comes news that there is a new wine designed especially for seniors. From his e-mail:

California vintners in the Napa Valley area, which primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio wines, have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic.
It is expected to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom during the night.

The new wine will be marketed as



Perhaps they can start serving it at 83rd and Indian School first…


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