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Thursday Update

April 8th, 2010 . by Cary

Deli on Monday, Cab on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today, I helped my adopted mom get my adopted dad home from the hospital after his coughing-up-blood incident Tuesday morning. Big mess, their son did the big clean up job, and Serv-Pro came in and did a bang up job of taking care of everything else.

Rob over at American and Proud has compiled a big ol’ list of TEA groups across the US. You might want to make some notes, in case something, you know, happens. Big ol’ tip of the Stetson to Texas Fred for pointing this out to me in the first place.

No, I’m not paranoid. They really are after us. Have you NOT been paying attention?

So – it seems the crazies have figured out that I’m not driving night shift anymore. Since my shift now ends about the time they are managing to drag themselves out of bed for another night of fun and games in Phoenix After Dark (remember Jenny?) I have been, for the most part, avoiding them. Until lately, that is. Seems that not all guys named “Michael” with deeper voices than James Earl Jones and built like a linebacker are all that masculine – “Michael” and his friend, “Roger” were dolled up and ready to go to a certain mid-town gaybar – as that night’s dragged out queens of entertainment. Eww. Yesterday, it was two very shrill – uhm – ladies that hired me at the end of my shift to pick them up from the “Gay” Denny’s (those of you who live in Phoenix will know exactly where I’m talking about) and take them, first, to a cell phone store so the smaller of the two (sorry, that just kind of slipped out. the not-smaller-of-the-two makes most football players look like they don’t know how to bulk up for the season) could pay her phone bill. She was very vocal about the fact that her bill was well over sixty dollars for the month. Vocal meaning sailors on the street were listening in for tips the next time they needed to be “vocal.” Second stop was at a Dairy Queen, for their dinner. Last stop was the apartment. Little Girl asked Not So Little Girl to pony up her share of the cab fare. Seems LG paid for dinner, and NSLG promised to help with the cab. Amazingly, NSLG couldn’t seem to find her money in her cavernous bag. This time, Marine Corps Drill Instructors were seen taking notes. All that, and she only paid the meter – no tip. It’s OK though. There are plenty of others that more than make up for the lack of decency of the few.

Earlier in the day, I had picked up a nice lady. I usually have KLOVE on the radio, and when there is no one in the car I sing along, since most of the songs they play we sing in home group or during our praise gatherings. This time, while the nice lady was int he car, the song “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin came on. When the chorus started, I started singing along:

How great is our God, sing with me,
How great is our God and all will see
How great, how great, is our God

Nice lady did, in fact, start singing with me. People like that really make my day.

Chat ya later…


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4 Responses to “Thursday Update”

  1. comment number 1 by: Gary

    Vocal meaning sailors on the street were listening in for tips the next time they needed to be “vocal.”

    Wha?! Indeed, our God is exceedingly great!

  2. comment number 2 by: cary

    Meaning, my dear squid friend, that they were cussin’ like salty sailors – and the ones on the streets were taking notes for their next outburst!

  3. comment number 3 by: Greybeard

    Thank you for sharing that.

  4. comment number 4 by: cary

    You are welcome! Good to see you, GB.