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Thankful Red Friday

November 23rd, 2012 . by Cary

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“Black Friday” is a marketing scam to get you to spend your holiday money early. I say let the businesses figure out how to be profitable year round, and quit putting all your eggs in one basket.

Instead, celebrate Red Friday every week, showing your support for those who serve.

Celebrate the Joy of Our Lord every DAY and thank God for His many blessings.

On this Day After Thanksgiving, don’t be a hypocrite and rush out to buy stuff that you didn’t even mention in your “thankful” speech around the dinner table yesterday.

Do me a favor, though – and yourself, and every community that has locally-owned businesses – go out and support your local businesses tomorrow during “Small Business Saturday”. Yes, it’s sponsored by American Express. No, I do not condone the use of credit. Cash is the way to freedom – if you don’t owe money, you can’t be held down.

Chat ya later…

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Thanks for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, and Wear Red on Fridays!

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