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Google Leading the Way to … Mediocrity?

May 30th, 2014 . by Cary

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Google announced today that it’s hiring practice (only hiring the best and brightest) has made their workforce very non-diverse. Oddly enough only 2% of Google employees are Black, and only 3% are Hispanic. This infomation is required to be reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. No one at the Commission thinks that asking people to identify their race is racist. Google says they plan on increasing their diversity immediately. No word on where they were going to find enough Blacks and Hispanics who have an interest and the ability to work in the industry to balance out their diversity.

Folks, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is another politically correct way of saying “You must hire equal numbers of all races, even though they may not be qualified for the position.” In other words, a different approach to income inequality and redistribution.


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One Response to “Google Leading the Way to … Mediocrity?”

  1. comment number 1 by: Just John

    Google is headquartered in kalifornistan, aren’t they? Seems about right…