The "O" Word
Conservative by Nature, Christian by Choice
Wait!  Where's the pictures?  They're supposed to be right here!  I swear, you can't find decent help these days...

Header Credits

White Tanks Sunset

© 2007 Cary Cartter

Minnesota Sunset 1

Richard, At The Water

Minnesota Sunset 2

Richard, At The Water

Minnesota Sunset 3

© 2011 Richard, At The Water

Many, many thanks to Bushwack and his lovely bride for their assistance in editing the images.

California Mountains

© 2012 A dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous

Sunrise Over Glendale, Arizona

© 2013 Cary Cartter

George Roper Alaska Sunset

© 2013 George Roper, Alaska Sunset

Beth Hilton Shrubbery Sunset

© 2013 Beth Hilton, Shrubbery Sunset

More to come – please stand by.