The "O" Word
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Wait!  Where's the pictures?  They're supposed to be right here!  I swear, you can't find decent help these days...


You are welcome to subscribe to this blog, in fact, I encourage it.

You must, however, be a real person.

I get a lot of “new subscribers” signing up – only to never hear from them.

If you wish to subscribe to this website, please do me a favor. After you have filled out the new user subscription form, please drop me a line at carycartter AT gmail DOT com. Most of the registrations I have seen lately appear to be generated by ‘bots, and I would rather have real people looking at my blog and reading it than just having ‘bots scrubbing the site.

This does two things: it assures me that you are a real person, and it will keep me from deleting you as a subscriber.

Please note, however, that anyone subscribing with an address that ends in “” will be deleted as quickly as possible, and with great glee. This is due to the track record of how many ‘bots are trying to sign up from that domain. If you wish to prove that you are real, follow the simple steps outlined above.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know you want to be a subscriber.


The above instructions are too difficult for most people.

Here’s the new procedure – email me. Tell me you want to be a subscriber. I will set you up and e-mail you back with the information you need.

My e-mail is … plastered all over this blog, so find it.

Yeah, I’m being a hard-butt about this.

Who’s blog is it?