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Like Sand Through An Hourglass

February 14th, 2017 . by Cary

… or the steady drip of water on a stone, eventually all the little things do add up. Sometimes, they add up faster than other times. Lesson learned – stay away from the source of the sand. Or the drips.

Asking for prayer today.

Yes, I will update you later.

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The Angry Man

February 13th, 2017 . by Cary

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to actually write a political post that hasn’t raised my blood pressure and caused me to have very un-Christian thoughts about the administration. Things have changed. I’m still watching, but with more interest and willingness to get involved again.

Fred posted this over at Texas Fred’s and I think you should read it – either to understand how we got Trump, or to understand why we got Trump:

The Angry Man is difficult to stereotype. He comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from sophisticated urbanite to rural redneck, Deep South to Yankee North, Left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.

No, Fred didn’t write it, but he got it from an old friend of his. From where I sit, it’s describing me to a “T”.

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This Much I Know

February 4th, 2017 . by Cary

I know stuff. Lots of stuff. My first wife contended that I had a trivial mind. Still trying to figure out what she meant by that. I may or may not add to this list as time goes on.

Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – same notes, same melody. (I know you just hummed them to yourselves)

Baa Baa Black Sheep – same notes, different melody. ( I know you just hummed all three of them over again …)

Best Baseball lineup ever – the 1976 Big Red Machine. Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, George Foster, Ken Griffey (Sr.), Cesar Geronimo. Suck it, Yankees.

Christ is King – regardless of who is President.

Conservatism – “Hmm, this one item doesn’t work very well. Let’s improve it to fit in better with society as a whole.”

Doing it correctly the first time – faster than having to go back and re-do it.

Dvorak keyboard – faster than Qwerty, in spite of (false) “data” and “reports” to the opposite. However, finding an inexpensive Dvorak keyboard – nearly impossible.

Enemy in range – so are you.

Friendly Fire – isn’t.

“Googled” – first used in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Go ahead – Google it.

Intelligence – necessary. Education beyond the capacity of the intelligence – dangerous.

Kindness – better and easier to handle than contention. But don’t take advantage of that feature in others.

Liberalism – “Hmm, this one item doesn’t work very well. Let’s trash the whole system and demand that a new system be built where this one item will work.”

Motorcycles – come standard with the invisibility option already turned on. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

Next Thing You Know – Old Jed’s a millionaire.

Pi – 3.14159265359. Ish.

Pie – round.

Race car spelled backwards – race caR.

Remember Everyone Deployed.

Scientific Standards may be more precise, but I prefer the “ish” of miles, feet, and Fahrenheit.

Standing during the Hallelujah Chorus is the result of a king (Charles II) standing for the presence of his King, the Christ, during the first performance of Handel’s Messiah. Since he was earthly royalty, his earthly subjects also stood and remained standing for the duration of the chorus.

Stressed spelled backwards – dessertS.

Target Practice – fine, until you realize that in the real world the “targets” shoot back.

Tau – better than pi.

Toilet Paper – doesn’t matter which way you mount it, it comes off the roll when you need it to. Over the top, the cat can play with it and unroll it. Under the bottom, the cat can snag it and … pull it off the roll. Solution: Hang it however you want, close the door so the cat can’t get in the bathroom.

Toilet Seat – if it’s up, and you need it down, put it down. If it’s down and you need it up, lift it up. Look before you use the toilet.

Turn Signals – optional equipment that most people in Phoenix don’t pay for. This is the only explanation that makes sense. #PhoenixDrivers

What other people think of you – none of your business.

Chat ya later…

cary friday

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How Did We Get Here?

January 15th, 2017 . by Cary

How many times have you heard that since the results of the election have been finalized? How many times have you heard that since the Electoral College worked the way it was designed, and it was announced that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States?

Appropriation of another culture: “Yes, we can.” – Barack Obama(THHO, New Hampshire Campaign Speech, January 8, 2008 (originated in May 1972 with the United Farm Workers, organized by Chavez)

On what happens when Obama(THHO speaks: “… I felt this thrill going up my leg.” – Chris Matthews, “Journalist”, NBC News, March 27, 2008 (so much for only reporting the news, not being the news)

Not recognizing when people are following their country’s traditions” “… they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion …” – Barack Obama(THHO, April 2008

On his own abilities: “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.” – Barack Obama(THHO, November 2008 (narcissism became a hallmark of this administration)

Calling Social Security an Entitlement, instead of what it is – a program we are forced to pay into, with a promise of being cared for when we retire: “What we have done is kicked this can down the road. We are now at the end of the road and are not in a position to kick it any further. We have to signal seriousness in this by making sure some of the hard decisions are made under my watch, not someone else’s.” – Barack Obama(THHO, January 15, 2009 (if we are forced to pay into it in order to receive a stipen from it later, then it’s not an entitlement, we earned it)

On Republican opposition to stimulus package: “I won.” – Barack Obama(THHO, January 23, 2009 (So, when someone else wins, are you going to peacefully wish them well while leading by example, or are you going to foment civil unrest while leading by example?)

Making a promise: “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan – you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.” – Barack Obama(THHO, July 16, 2009

Daring the GOP: “So sue me.” – Barack Obama(THHO, July 1, 2014, regarding his excessive use of Executive Orders.

Resulting in many voters having a “Huh?” look on their face during eight years of his presidency, Obama(THHO repeatedly said one thing and did another. Blaming his administration’s stumbles, gaffs, and short falls on the previous administrations actions, he has proven over and over again that he is unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions.

In many high-profile cases, the administration openly flaunted the intent of the laws they were sworn to uphold, and claimed they had, technically, held to the letter of the same laws. Of course, when this results in straw-man purchases of weapons that are then handed over to Mexican drug cartels, and subsequently used in gun battles which result in the death of one of our own Border Guards, nothing is done, since the administration foxes are investigating the administration hen house. Over and over, actions which would land a citizen in jail (openly releasing classifies information, “losing” six billion dollars in budget money with no idea where it went, etc) resulted in Democrat politicians not being punished. This is a sure way to alienate a good number of people, regardless of their political bent, since “decent human beings” are not prone to habitually breaking the law – and getting away with it.

The choices were narrowed down, on the left, to a woman who claimed “It’s my turn!” and a man who claimed “College should be free” – with neither statement grounded in reality. We don’t “take turns” being president, no one “earns it – and if something is given to you free of charge, then someone else had to pay for it, including that college education. Teachers don’t work for free, buildings cannot be maintained for free, books cannot be produced for free. Everything costs money, somewhere along the line.

Tying your legacy to the whims of a group: “There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters. And after we have achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the African-American community, I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election.” – Barack Obama(THHO, September 2016 speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.

Disparaging those who don’t think the same way you do: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” – Hillary Clinton, September 9, 2016

The Second Amendment: “I support the second amendment, but …” – Hillary Clinton, anytime she is asked about the Second Amendment. Anytime you qualify an “agreeing” statement with “but” then you do not fully agree with the statement.

So, to those who wonder “How did we get here?” – I say, look in the mirror. If you supported the party that boos parliamentary procedure, that openly supported the killing of babies in the womb, that continually tries to cover up the fact that they are raiding the Social Security accounts to spend money on other programs – YOU are how “We” got here.

If you cannot understand why a non-establishment, business-owner-former-democrat-running-as-a-republican got elected, since “everyone you know” agreed with either socialism or communism (Hillary or Bernie, respectively), then you are how we got here.


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What Did She Say?

October 20th, 2016 . by Cary

The classification system for our military operational and logistical secrets (and, don’t forget Operational Security, or OPSEC) is a very serious matter. Serious enough that the lives of our armed forces depend on it, and serious enough that if you misuse or release classified information, you could end up in jail at the very least. The highest punishment for the release of classified information is a charge of treason. In peacetime (that means when we aren’t at war with anyone) being guilty of treason means a very, very long prison sentence. During wartime (that means when we have combat troops deployed and defending assets with live ammunition) a charge of treason can result in your execution.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State for the United States, made the apparently common and unavoidable mistake of setting up a private e-mail server for her official communications, including classified information in those emails. James Comey, the FBI director, found that in spite of this, former Secretary Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted for mishandling of classified information, setting the precedent of allowing Democrats to flaunt national security at will.

Having just gone through several hearings, briefings, and being reminded that (C) is not just for cookie, Hillary once again disregarded national security and broadcast top secret information in the clear on global television during the October 19, 2016 Presidential Debates. Either she is purposely releasing classified information in the clear, in which case she is unfit for the Presidency, or she is so blind to what security actually entails that she is unfit for the Presidency.

Oh, you need proof?

Skip ahead to the 6:30 mark and listen from there.

Trump 2016 – He Doesn’t Share Secrets

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