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March 11th, 2010 . by Cary

Sometimes, in the world of meetings, trainings, and orientations, there are times when the newer people need to learn a few things from the old hands. Here on this blog, if you wish to register as a subscriber, I ask that you click on the tab in the header that says “Subscribers” and read through and follow the instructions listed there. As long as the new subscribers try to flatter me with “adding me to (their) bookmarks” and leaving a URL that spells out which drugs you are trying to spam over the ‘net, then you are not going to be a subscriber for long.

Monday I worked in the deli. Tuesday I drove a cab in the rain. Wednesday the sitter wasn’t feeling well so I ended up staying with MEG and playing and chasing and cleaning up after. Today I drove cab again, and I will probably be in a cab tomorrow morning bright and early as well.

I sure hope you all will be able to join me tomorrow night on The “O” Word at 2200 MST. I may have to shift the timing of the show after this weekend (most of ya’ll get to save daylight – we have plenty here in Arizona, so we don’t) so that I stay smack between “CyberPastor and Annie B” and “Stanger 73” – provided my other activities don’t get bunched up in the process. We’ll see how it works out.

Chat ya later…


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RINO Friday

January 22nd, 2010 . by Cary

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As you may know, a RINO is a Republican In Name Only – that is, they claim to have an “R” following their name, but they act like DemocRATs. Perfect examples of RINOs would be Olympia Snowe (R, Maine) and John McCain (R, Arizona). Both of these RINOs claim to be of the GOP but act in support of the Democrat arty’s platform in everything they do – Snowe is very supportive of the ObamaCare bill, and if you recall a certain Amnesty program a few years ago called the McCain Kennedy Illegal Citizenship Bill …

Join me tonight at 2200 MST on The “O” Word to talk about RINOs and the danger they represent to the true Conservatives of these United States.

Chat ya later…

cary friday

Thank you for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, God bless you all, don’t buy or breed cats or dogs while homeless pets die (spay, neuter & adopt a pet, one by one, until there are none), Wear Red on Fridays, and support Warriors for Innocence!

Stolen Valor Friday

January 15th, 2010 . by Cary

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It’s not often that I am ashamed of my actions. This is one of those rare times.

I have lead my listeners to believe that one John “Tigerbo” Dawson is a medically retired Marine Lt. Col, suffering from PTSD, and with an amazing testimony as to his miraculous come back from a horrible dance with death.

I found out earlier from a friend on Facebook that this Paper Tiger has a lot of people fooled. The details are over on Chandler’s Watch, and while Chandler is beating himself up over the lack of vetting, he is not the only one to have been taken in by the Scam Artist Formerly Known As Tigerbo. We all failed, Chandler, by accepting him at his word and not properly vetting this man. Know that you are not alone in this, and I will be addressing this issue tonight on The “O” Word at 2200 MST. If you have been taken in by this pretender, please consider calling in and sharing your Tiger’s Tale.

Chat ya later…

cary friday

Thank you for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, God bless you all, don’t buy or breed cats or dogs while homeless pets die (spay, neuter & adopt a pet, one by one, until there are none), Wear Red on Fridays, and support Warriors for Innocence!

First Friday of a New Year

January 1st, 2010 . by Cary

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Well, it didn’t take very long for yesterday’s e-mail to Mayor Richard Ward to bring out hizzoner’s best: (please note that I’ve altered the e-mail addresses for anti-spam reasons)

from Richard Ward (ward.richardATcharterDOTnet)
to Cary Cartter (carycartterATgmailDOTcom)
date Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 07:58
subject Re: MAIG – again!

hide details 07:58 (2 hours ago)

Damn, Cary, you made me kinda sorry I named my son after you. (the Cary part)

You ask me what we have accomplished. I think my personal big accomplishment has been to make many folks better understand what my goals are. Simply stated that is to make Hurst a safer place to live.

Also, MAIG is now up to about 550 members even though the NRA scared about 50 away. It is a very long and hard battle to get things moving with the Washington crowd. That is a far cry from the four million (if that is a true figure) members of the NRA. But…we have certainly not introduced nor tried to introduce any legislation that would prevent you being able to buy any gun that you need to buy to serve you on a daily or lifetime basis.

I wish you would take the time to ask the NRA to send you a financial statement and the number of members they have. I promise you will never get it. This is the most secretive bunch you will ever encounter. MAIG list all of their members regularly and invites your questions.

So… I am going to sign off one more time with my best wishes to you and yours for a great 2010.

Richard Ward

That’s quite the claim – making Hurst a safer place to live. Almost like the appearance of MAIG has magically rendered Hurst, Texas immune to the problems of the rest of the world. Wait, there’s more:

from Richard Ward (ward.richardATcharterDOTnet)
to Cary Cartter (carycartterATgmailDOTcom)
date Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 07:59
subject Re: MAIG – again!

hide details 07:59 (2 hours ago)

By the way, am I the two bit Mayor you are talking about? 🙂

… and isn’t he so cute and clueless? Wait wait wait – one more, and then my reply, OK?

from Richard Ward (ward.richardATcharterDOTnet)
to Cary Cartter (carycartterATgmailDOTcom)
date Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 08:01
subject Re: MAIG – again!

hide details 08:01 (2 hours ago)

And one more thing, where do you live? I know it is not Hurst. See, another secret.

Show of hands, please – how many of you have heard me refer to my home as Glendale, Arizona? Thank you. My reply:

from Cary Cartter (carycartterATgmailDOTcom)
to Richard Ward (ward.richardATcharterDOTnet)
date Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 10:51
subject Re: MAIG – again!

hide details 10:51 (6 minutes ago)

Why are you sorry you named your son Cary? Does he have the same habit of asking you questions you won’t answer?

I don’t give a rip about the NRA – believe it or not, I don’t belong to that organization. My question to you is, and remains, WHY DOES MAIG EXIST?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Are there folks out there on the legal side of the coin who are FOR illegal guns? That would be news to me.

How has MAIG made Hurst, Texas a safer place to live? Has it REMOVED guns from criminals hands? Nope – because criminals don’t answer pesky questionnaires and reply to official inquiries, and they certainly don’t let people tell them not to break the law. They are criminals, after all.

Thank you for the best wishes. I would like to extend the same to you and yours.

Yes, you are the two-bit mayor I referred to.

While where I live remains inconsequential to this conversation, I make no secret of where I live; I mention Glendale, Arizona quite often while blogging and on on my internet radio show.

Still waiting to find out why you belong to an illogical organization.

Cary Cartter

Let’s recap. shall we? Mayor Ward of Hurst Texas (the only mayor in Texas to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns) feels that he has made Hurst, Texas safer by simply joining an organization that is not logically needed – that is, a group of Law Enforcement Officials who are AGAINST criminals OWNING GUNS. This, in spite of the fact that there are numerous laws on the books in every state making it a crime to own a firearm obtained through other than legal means. However, these same mayors do not feel it is necessary to form an organization against illegal immigrants, or illegal prostitutes, or illegal left turns – all crimes, by their very nature, yet still not “sexy” enough to warrant vote-gathering headlines when they are railed against. By golly, claim you are against “illegal guns” and that makes headlines, doesn’t it? Because guns, by themselves, have committed so MANY crimes in recent years…

Be sure to tune in tonight for more fun and end-of-week-yet-first-of-the-year hilarity and friendship on The “O” Word at 2200 MST, coming to you live from Glendale, Arizona. But don’t tell anyone where I live – it’s a secret!

Chat ya later…

cary friday

Thank you for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, God bless you all, don’t buy or breed cats or dogs while homeless pets die (spay, neuter & adopt a pet, one by one, until there are none), Wear Red on Fridays, and support Warriors for Innocence!

Blue Moon Round Up

December 31st, 2009 . by Cary

I know, it has been a while, hasn’t it? To refresh your memories, I will be publishing and updating as I go along, so come back and check for when it’s finished. All of these bloggers are ones that I read daily at least weekly as often as I can; they are all worth your time to at least go visit and read the one item I have highlighted. Let’s get started, shall we?

Before I get started on the round up, however, I want to give a shout-out to the mayor of Hurst, Texas, one Richard Ward, who still has not answeredf the questions I asked of him way back here. And he thought I would forget about him…

December 31, 2009
To: Richard Ward

Subject: MAIG, again!

As I was going over this year’s posts, I ran across our correspondence. Made me think of all the good times we had discussing Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

I know, you “signed off” to me, but I am kinda curious – just what has MAIG done since you joined it, besides stating the obvious (that mayors are against illegal guns)? I mean, I would hope that mayors are against ALL things illegal. Have you joined Mayors Against Illegal Prostitutes? Mayors Against Illegal Drivers? Mayors Against Illegal Immigrants? Mayors Against Illegal Left Turns?

No, you haven’t – because none of those things matter to a two-bit mayor who’s only hope of elevating his profile is to hitch on to some gun-grabbing group trying to cloak itself in pompous activity.

I am still waiting to hear from you regarding the basic premise of MAIG. Why does it need to exist, other than as a cover for some lefty gun grabbing bunch?

Basic question, please answer it. Unless you already realize that you won’t be serving another term and have decided to write me off completely.

Happy New Year!

OK, om to the round up, this time I promise!

First up is a Navy veteran, new to my blogroll, and a first FOR my blogroll – a site that is not a blog so much as it is a store. Larry Van Schuyver runs Sitting Pretty USA. He sells t-shirts, and a “portion of each sale will be donated to the VA Hospital volunteers who assist and care for our veterans daily.” Check him out, and if you are so inclined, help him out.

Alaska Steve is back from his vacation in the Lower 48, and he is promising more photos. So far, his series covers his and Goldfish’s travels through up to Boston. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Christmas greetings from Amboy Times, the Black Canyon Railroad Musuem, Evolution Right and Larry the Scoundrel.

Bushwack is wondering how crime rates could have dropped over on American And Proud.

Ol’ Broad has a New Year’s Countdown going on.

The ARRA News Service has a good article up about Obama running for placement on Mt. Rushmore, through the ObamaCare debacle.

The Wednesday Hero is honored on Assoluta Tranquilita and Old Soldier.

Richard has a nice little piece up about Global Warming on At The Water.

Basti asks why the epic fail in national protection?

Bloviating Zeppelin wishes us all a financial New Year – but the Obama Administration is doing it’s best to keep that from happening for everyone except the Senate, the House, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the State of Hawaii which is still reaping the benefits from everyone going there for the Obama’s Vacation.

GuyK has come down with a case of cellulitis in his left arm, so he wishes us a Happy New Year with the thought that his blogging will be kinda light on Charming, Just Charming.

More New Years thoughts on Christianity, written by Harvest Christian Fellowship.

The Cyber Crew has information up on Lt. Behenna. If you don’t know who he is, follow the link. One of the biggest many miscarriages of justice the Obama Administration is carrying out against the United States Military.

A little off the beaten path, but well worth the time, is A Jacksonian’s in-depth look at paranormal investigations that are all the rage on science channels these days. Find the article at Dumb Looks Still Free.

The spectre of Ron Paul rears it’s ugly head on Gateway Pundit.

Gawfer weighs in on Global Warming in his piece over on his self-titled blog.

Gunslinger thinks a Whiskey Rebellion is better than a weak Tea Party…

Tailgunner adds two cents over on Hoosier Army Mom’s Weblog.

“You might be grunt if…” – curious? Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

Jenn shows off her dog abuse skills, and runs down the top stories of 2009.

Joe Scoggins has a thought and a prayer for Rush Limbaugh on Jo-Joe Politico.

Maggie’s Notebook has a diatribe on Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) (in this case, D stands dor Drunkard) and his “speech” on the Senate Floor.

New Years Greetings from Mail Call! Supporting The Troops and The Bull.

Check out the latest book review on Mary’s World.

I was hoping I would run across someone blogging about the Blue Moon today – Findalis over on Monkey in the Middle and Cube on the BLOG give us a run down.

Johnny T. Helms writes for more than one blog, read him on Our Sovereign Joy and the blog of johnny t. helms: chuch and state.

Greybeard has a video up about a remarkable landing and take off during the VietNam war on Pitchpull.

Questions about a Global Identification System on Political Pistachio.

Avatar doesn’t strike any chords, except bad ones, with RattlerGator.

Ablur posts on the HealthCare issue again, as he is one very steady voice that is consistently pointing out the lack of clothing on the Emperor over on Some Things Just Need To Be Said.

Fred reports on the thirteen Attorneys General with enough balls to sue the Feds over the preferential treatment that Nebraska recieved in the HealthCare fiasco – and wonders where the outrage is over the Louisiana Purchase of 2009 on Texas Freds.

Taco has the start of a series with LtCol George Goodson USMC (Ret) over on his blog, The Sandgram.

Third Wave dave weighs in on DHS lackey Janet NAPolitano. (personal note: as an Arizonan, I am very sorry that the rest of you had to experience her ineptitude.)

Yesterday, Tom’s Place was up and running. Today it whos an index page. Tom, if you see this, the changes aren’t quite working yet…

Over on Write on the Right Just John is trying to migrate to Windows & and is most of the way through the process. Naturally, with other issues, I can’t leave him an encouraging comment. For some reason, John, when I click on “Submit Comment” I get a blank page !?!

In the bad news section, there are some MIA blogs – Fire of Liberty, Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds, Gunny Goes Geocaching, Hidden Treasures, Samantha Speaks

When Your Only Tool Is A Hammer has gone dark. We’ll miss you, Hammer.

This concludes the last Round Up of 2009 – and possibly forever. This has taken me over four hours to do, and while trying to do this AND watch my now three year old MEG, I am reminded why I don’t do these anymore. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year to all of my readers, and I hope to see you in the chat room or on the phone Friday night at 2200 hours (MST) for The “O” Word.

Chat ya later…


Thank you for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, God bless you all, don’t buy or breed cats or dogs while homeless pets die (spay, neuter & adopt a pet, one by one, until there are none), Wear Red on Fridays, and support Warriors for Innocence!

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