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Disappointed, But Optimistic

November 7th, 2012 . by Cary

Nothing is more depressing to a conservative, independent voter than to wake up and discover that Obama(THHO) is still pResident.

Yes, I am disappointed that the UNited States of Free Cheese has decided that Free Cheese (thank you, BZ) is more important than Free Enterprise. Free Cheese is more important than a Free Market. Free Cheese is the End All and Be All of being a citizen of these United States. And, sometimes, even the end all and be all of NOT being a citizen yet still enjoying the fruits of the labors of others in these United States.

Funny – Obama(THHO) supporters threatened to violently riot if their god did not win reelection. Notice how the opposition did not threaten to riot if Obama(THHO) DID win. Well, that might be a wasted observation, since most of the supporters of Obama(THHO) don’t seem to listen to anything not being said by Obama(THHO) hisownself. But it is an observation, nonetheless, of how the two sides comported themselves.

People will blame bad voting machines, bad counting, pictures in polling places of Obama(THHO), Obama(THHO) supporters wearing clearly political garb preventing those wearing Biblical garb from voting – the list will go on, but the bottom line is this country ALLOWED Obama(THHO) to win this election. This country does not care about the future, only about the RIGHT NOW – as long as the RIGHT NOW involves getting food stamps and other forms of assistance for free – well, free to the recipients – it’s costing actual taxpayers more and more of our takehome to support the free loaders.

I wonder what the tipping point will be? I wonder when the rest of us, those of us who are actually supporting the free loaders, get tired of having our hard earned money redistributed to the shiftless and lazy, and decide that we will either take our pay in cash or just quit working and join the unemployed and over-benefited of the United States of Free Cheese?

But I am optimistic – one day soon, the truly Free people of these United States will finally say “ENOUGH!” and the socialist and communist agendas of the Left will be put to rest.

Along with the left-leaning defeatist, elitist, lame-stream media.

Chat ya later…


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Blue Moon Round Up

December 31st, 2009 . by Cary

I know, it has been a while, hasn’t it? To refresh your memories, I will be publishing and updating as I go along, so come back and check for when it’s finished. All of these bloggers are ones that I read daily at least weekly as often as I can; they are all worth your time to at least go visit and read the one item I have highlighted. Let’s get started, shall we?

Before I get started on the round up, however, I want to give a shout-out to the mayor of Hurst, Texas, one Richard Ward, who still has not answeredf the questions I asked of him way back here. And he thought I would forget about him…

December 31, 2009
To: Richard Ward

Subject: MAIG, again!

As I was going over this year’s posts, I ran across our correspondence. Made me think of all the good times we had discussing Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

I know, you “signed off” to me, but I am kinda curious – just what has MAIG done since you joined it, besides stating the obvious (that mayors are against illegal guns)? I mean, I would hope that mayors are against ALL things illegal. Have you joined Mayors Against Illegal Prostitutes? Mayors Against Illegal Drivers? Mayors Against Illegal Immigrants? Mayors Against Illegal Left Turns?

No, you haven’t – because none of those things matter to a two-bit mayor who’s only hope of elevating his profile is to hitch on to some gun-grabbing group trying to cloak itself in pompous activity.

I am still waiting to hear from you regarding the basic premise of MAIG. Why does it need to exist, other than as a cover for some lefty gun grabbing bunch?

Basic question, please answer it. Unless you already realize that you won’t be serving another term and have decided to write me off completely.

Happy New Year!

OK, om to the round up, this time I promise!

First up is a Navy veteran, new to my blogroll, and a first FOR my blogroll – a site that is not a blog so much as it is a store. Larry Van Schuyver runs Sitting Pretty USA. He sells t-shirts, and a “portion of each sale will be donated to the VA Hospital volunteers who assist and care for our veterans daily.” Check him out, and if you are so inclined, help him out.

Alaska Steve is back from his vacation in the Lower 48, and he is promising more photos. So far, his series covers his and Goldfish’s travels through up to Boston. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Christmas greetings from Amboy Times, the Black Canyon Railroad Musuem, Evolution Right and Larry the Scoundrel.

Bushwack is wondering how crime rates could have dropped over on American And Proud.

Ol’ Broad has a New Year’s Countdown going on.

The ARRA News Service has a good article up about Obama running for placement on Mt. Rushmore, through the ObamaCare debacle.

The Wednesday Hero is honored on Assoluta Tranquilita and Old Soldier.

Richard has a nice little piece up about Global Warming on At The Water.

Basti asks why the epic fail in national protection?

Bloviating Zeppelin wishes us all a financial New Year – but the Obama Administration is doing it’s best to keep that from happening for everyone except the Senate, the House, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the State of Hawaii which is still reaping the benefits from everyone going there for the Obama’s Vacation.

GuyK has come down with a case of cellulitis in his left arm, so he wishes us a Happy New Year with the thought that his blogging will be kinda light on Charming, Just Charming.

More New Years thoughts on Christianity, written by Harvest Christian Fellowship.

The Cyber Crew has information up on Lt. Behenna. If you don’t know who he is, follow the link. One of the biggest many miscarriages of justice the Obama Administration is carrying out against the United States Military.

A little off the beaten path, but well worth the time, is A Jacksonian’s in-depth look at paranormal investigations that are all the rage on science channels these days. Find the article at Dumb Looks Still Free.

The spectre of Ron Paul rears it’s ugly head on Gateway Pundit.

Gawfer weighs in on Global Warming in his piece over on his self-titled blog.

Gunslinger thinks a Whiskey Rebellion is better than a weak Tea Party…

Tailgunner adds two cents over on Hoosier Army Mom’s Weblog.

“You might be grunt if…” – curious? Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

Jenn shows off her dog abuse skills, and runs down the top stories of 2009.

Joe Scoggins has a thought and a prayer for Rush Limbaugh on Jo-Joe Politico.

Maggie’s Notebook has a diatribe on Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) (in this case, D stands dor Drunkard) and his “speech” on the Senate Floor.

New Years Greetings from Mail Call! Supporting The Troops and The Bull.

Check out the latest book review on Mary’s World.

I was hoping I would run across someone blogging about the Blue Moon today – Findalis over on Monkey in the Middle and Cube on the BLOG give us a run down.

Johnny T. Helms writes for more than one blog, read him on Our Sovereign Joy and the blog of johnny t. helms: chuch and state.

Greybeard has a video up about a remarkable landing and take off during the VietNam war on Pitchpull.

Questions about a Global Identification System on Political Pistachio.

Avatar doesn’t strike any chords, except bad ones, with RattlerGator.

Ablur posts on the HealthCare issue again, as he is one very steady voice that is consistently pointing out the lack of clothing on the Emperor over on Some Things Just Need To Be Said.

Fred reports on the thirteen Attorneys General with enough balls to sue the Feds over the preferential treatment that Nebraska recieved in the HealthCare fiasco – and wonders where the outrage is over the Louisiana Purchase of 2009 on Texas Freds.

Taco has the start of a series with LtCol George Goodson USMC (Ret) over on his blog, The Sandgram.

Third Wave dave weighs in on DHS lackey Janet NAPolitano. (personal note: as an Arizonan, I am very sorry that the rest of you had to experience her ineptitude.)

Yesterday, Tom’s Place was up and running. Today it whos an index page. Tom, if you see this, the changes aren’t quite working yet…

Over on Write on the Right Just John is trying to migrate to Windows & and is most of the way through the process. Naturally, with other issues, I can’t leave him an encouraging comment. For some reason, John, when I click on “Submit Comment” I get a blank page !?!

In the bad news section, there are some MIA blogs – Fire of Liberty, Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds, Gunny Goes Geocaching, Hidden Treasures, Samantha Speaks

When Your Only Tool Is A Hammer has gone dark. We’ll miss you, Hammer.

This concludes the last Round Up of 2009 – and possibly forever. This has taken me over four hours to do, and while trying to do this AND watch my now three year old MEG, I am reminded why I don’t do these anymore. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year to all of my readers, and I hope to see you in the chat room or on the phone Friday night at 2200 hours (MST) for The “O” Word.

Chat ya later…


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The Law of Unintended Consequences

August 5th, 2009 . by Cary

So – have you taken advantage of the American Taxpayers – I mean, the Cash for Clunkers program yet?


Then, before you do, let’s take a look at some of the provisions of this rammed-through legislation, shall we? First off, the vehicle you are trading in is probably not worth the $4500 you going to be “given” as an incentive, right? That’s probably what made you think about going this route. Do you have a job, that pays enough to allow you to make the payments on the new car for the next four to six years? Are you so sure about your job that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will still be employed for the next four to six years? Then why are you taking this bait, sucking up taxpayer money, to better yourself? If you are that sure of your income stream, and need to replace your vehicle, do it without taking taxpayers money.

OK, so you’ve decided that you can still sleep at night knowing that the $4500 dollars came out of the pockets of all the taxpayers in the country. All righty then. You know that not everyone feels they can take on a new car payment right now, right? So, they’ll be hanging on to what the government has declared to be a “clunker” but what the owners euphemistically call their “daily driver.” More often than not, the daily driver is a paid off, seven-to twelve year old vehicle, that gets between twelve and twenty miles per gallon. It’s also running towards the end of it’s “useful” life, that is, before the weekly repairs need to be done. The owner, a hard working American, knows a few things about turning wrenches, and knows how to remove and replace faulty parts. The owner knows that the best way to save money on parts is to troll the local salvage yard and pull the needed part off a wrecked version of “daily driver” or even buy the part from the counter where the salvage yard has done the pulling for you.

However, going down to the local salvage yard has a sobering effect on you – they have closed. Why? Well, there seems to be a lack of junked “clunkers” – since a lot of them went to the “cash For Clunkers” program.

You have another option, but one that has a larger fiscal impact on you. The corner auto parts store, while more expensive than the salvage yard, will have the part. It will be new or remanufactured, and come with a warranty, adn still be cheaper than buying another car. Your parts man tells you that the manufacturer doesn’t make that part anymore, because there aren’t enough of those cars on the road anymore.

Well, fine, you think to yourself – this old heap has been giving me problems anyway. Down to Larry’s Used Cars and Crullers you go for a new-to-you vehicle.

Oops – Larry’s closed down, too. Same reason – Cash For Clunkers took the decent used vehicles and, per government mandate, crushed them – so not even the salvageable parts, much less the entire car, could be resold. Part government program, part Green Whiners solution.

Let’s review, shall we?

TEH ONE decreed that, in accordance with the greening of America, those nasty old used cars should be forever removed from the road, and no part of them should live on allowing other old vehicles to continue running. Since the government owns two thirds of the auto industry, TEH ONE decreed that America should stimulate the pockets of the local dealers by convincing sheeple that being in debt for a new car would be a good thing. With the removal of the older vehicles, the demand for the parts (while still in existence) has dropped to a level that it doesn’t make economic sense to manufacture parts for “obsolete” models anymore.

Did you take notes? Can you take this scenario and apply it to another government program that is being pushed through to fruition rather quickly? Not mentioning anything specific, mind you – *coughobamacarecough* – just thought maybe you could use this to help you ask some pretty hard questions of your representatives the next time you should be attending one of their August Recess Town Hall Meetings.

Some other items that may be of interest to you, should you have need of more ammunition:

Too Much To Read (thank you, Joe)
Do You Trust Government Run Health Care? (with thanks to Joe for directing me over to Tom’s Place)
Trust Government? HAH! (also at Tom’s Place) (and, Joe? I blame you for pointing out Tom to me, now I have to add him to my blogroll, which I was TRYING to pare down, remember?)
Your Efficient Federal Government (h/t to BZ for writing about this)
Danger of National Health Care (another h/t to BZ for pointing this one out)
Going to a Town Hall? Check out this list of questions at Ol’ Broad’s place.

Chat ya later…


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Round ’em Up!

July 30th, 2009 . by Cary

Hi there! It’s been a while – sometimes things get in the way of doing a decent round up. I’ve moved a few things around on my links – some have moved to “Not So Daily”, some have moved to “Endangered” and some have disappeared altogether – but it only reflects my inability to actually read all the blogs on my “Daily” list and trying to pare it down to the ones I actually read. If your blog landed on the “Endangered” list, then maybe an entry now and again wouldn’t be so bad… Just sayin’…

Larry, a retired Squid, had originally pointed me to this site which should not be viewed with a mouth full of beverage. Fair warning.

Speaking of Larry, let’s start the round up with him. He’s got a fantastic essay up about race, secession, and who can keep the slaves (and what makes slavery so irresistible to some) on Last Refuge of a Scoundrel.

And, riffing off a link in Larry’s blurb, take a look at Gunslinger’s entry. Pictures are worth thousands of words…

I know, here I am trying to pare down the list and I added her to it. So sue me. But, first you have to say, with a straight face, that she ISN’T worth the read.

Alaska Steve has been recuperating from shoulder surgery, and he’s starting to get out and about again on A Sense of Place.

Brother Johnny T. Helms has a link into Dr. Al Mohler on the future of missions on Amazed In His Presence and on Our Sovereign Joy. Scroll down and check out the tribute to Keith Green, also.

Health Care Sub-Round-Up

ARRA News Service, Assoluta Tranquilita, a byproduct of the obummercare is on Bloviating Zeppelin, Fire of Liberty, Gateway Pundit (by the way, GP’s mother recently passed on; scroll down and add your prayers to the comment list), Political Pistachio, Some Things Just Need To Be Said.

Richard spotted a white breasted nuthatch At The Water.

A word about Obama’s race-baiting cop comment from Basti on Basti Says.

GuyK has a bit of glee on Charming, Just Charming.

For a really in-depth look at the whole “Gates-Gate” incident in Cambridge, check out AJacksonian’s take on Dumb Looks Still Free.

This may be a little stale, but for most of us it’s worth a look. Ed Dickson has a post up about a nifty anti-ID Theft site on Fraud, Phishing, and Financial Misdeeds.

Gawfer has a note about financial misdeeds committed by (gasp!) congress critters on Gawfer.

Gunny has returned to the Land of the Rising Sun in time to recover form his vacation so he can get back to work on Gunny Goes Geocaching and laments the changes to his beloved Southern California on Write on the Right.

Some Euro weenie gets their head handed to them in the comments on Jenn’s Jungle.

Check your mindset at Jo-Joe Politico.

Maggie has a good article up about Thomas Sowell on her Notebook.

Kathy has Wednesday’s Hero posted on Mail Call! Supporting the Troops.

Mary’s World has a review up on “Blue Like Playdough” – looks like a good read.

Findalis has a post up about Tisha B’Av (a repost, actually) on Monkey in the Middle.

Stewart at Oath Keepers is asking for input on the new site.

What happens when someone gets TOO MUCH television exposure? Find out on Old Soldier.

My friend Greybeard is so talented – retired Army helicopter pilot, Viet Nam vet, currently flying medi-chopper – and a Race Relations Expert! No, really! Check it out on Pitchpull.

Unintended consequences of electing Obama – on RattlerGator Blog.

The love affair between a certain redhead and the United States Marine Corps continues unabated.

DemocRATS continue to ram Sotomayer through the process – details on Texas Fred’s.

Sometimes, no matter what you want to accomplish, someone will find issue with the way you are doing it. Big thanks to cube for pointing this out on the BLOG.

Taco Bell has a good story posted – from the Marine Corps Gazette – that you should read. If it doesn’t move you, you are either a liberal or brain dead. But, I repeat myself.

Third Wave Dave asks a simple question – where’s the proof?

Hammer is on vacation, and also leaves us with a really good question.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few good articles, but I sure didn’t mean to – please accept my apologies if you didn’t get mentioned.

Chat ya later…


Thank you for stopping by, In GOD We Trust, God bless you all, don’t buy or breed cats or dogs while homeless pets die (spay, neuter & adopt a pet, one by one, until there are none), Wear Red on Fridays, and support Warriors for Innocence!

Round Up

June 4th, 2009 . by Cary

Sorry. I haven’t really felt all bloggy lately. Kinda depressed, really, being all human and forgetting that God already has everything taken care of. That, and we’re “fostering” a two-year-old retriever mix. To say he has a lot of energy would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a bit of a low spot.

I want to say this about the whole George Tiller thing – any church that accepts an ACTIVE abortionist as a member of it’s leadership (usher) is so far strayed from the Gospel of Jesus Christ that it cannot and should not declare itself to be Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

Have you noticed that the conservative bloggers have a much more varied list of subjects? Methinks that TEH ONE has managed to scatter our attention quite effectively, allowing him to slip the rest of the socialist camel into the tent.

Bushwack has found something that may finally put the fear of dying into the islamic fanatics that Obama says we aren’t at war with – Silver Bullet Gun Oil – made with 13% pig fat.

Over at An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings we get this quote, among other newsworthy items:

‘Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of sh!t.’

Very true.

Bill Smith, editor-in-chief of ARRA News Service asks why the current administration ordered the FBI to back off from an investigation into Black muslim Converts. Good question, Bill. I highly doubt we will get an answer from the prevaricator in chief.

Assoluta Tranquilita marks today as the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Richard is kicking himself for not looking out the window earlier.

Go see what Basti has to say.

BZ lambastes the so-called Leader of the United States for his boot-licking, gratuitous bowing and scraping beofre an unappreciative audience on Bloviating Zeppelin. Read down further for other essays on articles of equal import.

GuyK is as charming as ever.

Do The Right Thing has moved. Make note, and be sure to visit.

AJacksonian has a good read on the Republican party and the Sotomayer nomination on Dumb Looks Still Free.

SoCalOilMan has a few choice words about HOAs that stick their noses where they don’t belong on Evolution Right.

Gateway Pundit shares a conversation he had with conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly.

Gunny John (how long before the name change?) went geocaching a couple times this week, and he shares his adventures on Gunny’s Cache.

Oddly enough, not everyone is a big fan of the Apology Tour ’09 that Obama is intent on stretching out for way too long. Catch some details with Jenn on Take A Stand Against Liberals – formerly Jenn’s Jungle.

He’s new to my list since the last Round Up, but not new to being a conservative. Visit Jo-Joe Politico today!

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel‘s Larry is on Facebook – and wondering why.

More “good news” about Obama’s Cairo speech on Maggie’s Notebook.

Kathi has Wednesday’s Hero posted on Mail Call! Supporting the Troops.

Mary’s World has a review of a book that could give ophiophobiacs pause.

Findalis has the Book of Obama, Chapter 6 posted in all it’s gory. I mean, Glory. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Read the latest entries in the roll call that shows why Obama will not be able to completely overthrow this country on Oath Keepers.

Old Soldier wants to tell you about a sick woman in Austin, so head over to Old Soldier‘s blog to read it.

Obama’s Misery Index is being tracked on Pitchpull.

Doug seems to have a start of a killer series on Political Pistachio. If you have attended public schools in the last thirty years, it would do you good to go read the first installment.

Ablur has a few words reflecting on Columbine over on Some Things Just Need To Be Said.

Over on Texas Fred’s the issue is the “joke” that Chavez told about being more right-wing than Obama. Heh. Some joke.

The Black Sphere points out that Obama gave something else away from the rightful owners while our attention was being misled – the Month of June was taken away from heterosexual Marriages and given to the LGBT movement.

There is an Obama-Free news area at the BLOG. Thanks for the break, Cube!

Chief Roland posts about former President GHW Bush’s visit to his namesake carrier on Roland’s Blog.

Third Wave Dave has a pointer to a page on the White House’s own web site about the uproar over Barry’s birth certificate – or lack thereof.

For the nineteenth week in a row, TJ gets to say “I Told You So”.

Hammer has a sneak peek at the cover of an all-new magazine … except it is old news to those of us in the conservative, think-for-ourselves camp.

For a representative (and authoritative) view on Apology Tour ’09, please pop over to see Yid With Lid‘s take on this whole mistake.

Chat ya later…


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