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Fast Weekend

October 27th, 2008 . by Cary

So – Friday, after the show, I’m ambushed by a whole line of things that need to be accomplished. In the process, I forget to make my customary Red Friday post, and for that I apologize to those who look forward to it.

Friday evening, I spend three hours on the waiting list for a cab. Never did get one. So, I went to the meeting at the Black Canyon Railroad instead, and had a good operating session.

Saturday was a yard sale at a friends house, and we put several items in the sale. Sold a few, but not all, and got some walking-around money.

Saturday evening I did get a cab, and had a good night overall. Found a nifty little back way into Wrigley Mansion, and the guards were good enough to let me up to the main entrance, even though no traffic was allowed since the shuttle was running for the charity event.

Sunday, after a short nap (about an hour and a half, on top of the hour nap I took Saturday afternoon) we went to church and, after church, met some friends at the Arizona Science Center to take in the Narnia exhibit (it was the last day). All in all, a very enjoyable exhibit. Being in the camp of people who would rather NOT do things in a crowd, I was feeling rather crowded. I did manage to ignore my gut reaction to RUN and stuck it out to see the costumes from the movie, as well as the props and some miniatures from the movie. Overall, a must-see when it is in your town. I particularly enjoyed the “ice throne” and remarked that I wouldn’t mind having one in my living room.

After the Science Center, we all went to Applebee’s for dinner. By that time, I was operating on 3 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours, and I was quickly running out of gas. I am told by a reliable source that I managed to fall asleep during lulls in the after-dinner conversation. The same reliable source decided (all by herself) that it would be better if she drove us home. I would have agreed, but had fallen asleep in the back seat after buckling MEG into her carseat.

How was your weekend?

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Thursday Round Up

October 16th, 2008 . by Cary

Sorry for the late start – MEG had a doctor’s appointment.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? And, since seems to be having trouble (again!) I’m really glad I have my sidebar list – although it doesn’t tell me who’s got new entries, so we’ll just go right on through it! In all fairness, if the blog entry is more than three days old, I won’t mention it…

First stop is A Sense of Place. Always nice to see Steve’s pictures – whether from the back of a bike or out the front of his house. I am still jealous of his view.

A couple of good articles to read prior to the casting of your ballot on Amazed In His Presence.

Amboy Times has a nice piece (part of a blogburst) regarding the Obamanation’s so-called “economic” plan.

Go on over to American And Proud and ask Bush where he stands on the issue of Murtha. I dare you. I double dare you.

Ol’ Broad has a nice collection of Obama pictures for your edification…

Richard has a word about the current Wall Street feelings, and just to ease your fears, a few pictures of early-feeding ducks on his lake, over on At The Water.

Blackfive is – well, Blackfive. Go. Now.

Bloviating Zeppelin has a nice little article (it ties in with Texas Fred’s. below…) about protection and safety.

You can find a review of last night’s debate on Bottom Line Up Front.

GuyK has a word of sit and wisdom over at Charming, Just Charming.

mdconservative has a nice looking piece of legal paper that should be resolved before the election is allowed to continue…

cookiecrumbexpress has a reminder for those who would push “tommy” to the back under the Obamanation.

More required reading about the Obamanation can be found on Do The Right Thing.

Still think that all the hulabaloo about ACORN and voter fraud is overblown, and not to be worried about? Then you haven’t been over to Dumb Looks Still Free with his expansion on the theme…

Gateway Pundit is chuckling a bit about the Dems’ view of a flyer calling for foreign policy accountability.

Gawfe has a nice, concise, two-point recap of the debate on his site at Gawfer.

Now, I’m not nearly finished here, but life keeps getting in the way of my commentary. I will be back later with the rest of my round-up.

2241 hours: that’s quite an interruption. It is also, apparently, enough time for blogrolling to come up for a bit.

Check out both sides of the story (Moose Mints, anyone?) at the BLOG.

What could the FBI want with Mahoney? Gateway Pundit knows…

Old Soldier shows his admiration for Sarah Palin with news of a siting at Wal-Mart.

RattlerGator has a new favorite country song.

The Chief has a nice photo on The Roland Blog.

Best wishes to Nancy Reagan from The Bull.

Another one bites the dust – Texas Fred fills us in on another loser in the Castle Doctrine war.

Jenn has a little bit on the fake “kill him” remark reported by the Scranton Times and not yet retracted by anyone who has credited the Times with the first report…like ABC… or Olbermann…

Political Pistachio wants to know why Obama will give an employer a $3000 tax credit for hiring a new employee…

Another quick review by Mary, this one from the wife of Lakewood’s Joel Osteen.

Andrew Tallman has a “happy” thought!

Quick hita all around from LimaLimaMikeFoxtrot. (Good to see you active again, Mac and wife!)

The audio clip on Pitchpull should be enough to make you go out and shake your head in sadness at all the Democrats out there who don’t pay attention to what is being said…

The American Apologist (welcome to the round-up!) is admittedly behind the curve, but would like to know why the Obamanation doesn’t just pony up the documents. Personally, I think it’s because the ink ain’t dry yet…

Oliver Stone has not learned Rule Number One yet – do not piss off the Redhead.

ablur wants to know if the Omabanation is eligible, too.

Help Kathi spread the word about writing to our soldiers. Details are on her site (new location!), Mail Call!.

I’m going to finish off this round up with the positive news from my favorite Canadian – The Loon shares news from Iraq.

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A Funny Thing Happened

October 13th, 2008 . by Cary

Friday, October 3, 2008. After picking up my brother from Phoenix Sky Harbor, we met TMBWitW and MEG at My Mother’s Restaurant for lunch. My brother and I then motored north to Flagstaff for LeaAnn’s service.

On the way north, interstate 17 passes through the Verde River Valley (the area is also known as Verde Valley, or Camp Verde – Gawfer, you know the area I’m talking about!). Going north into Verde, the interstate goes down a long and winding grade. The speed limit drops to 65 mph there, and I usually just drift on down with the car in gear, letting the motor take care of the speed. This time, however…

My brother and I had been talking, and the cruise was set between 75 and 77 mph. Dropping over the top of the grade, and easing down, the traffic as very light and the conversation was steady – not involved, but steady, if you see the difference. The car didn’t build up a LOT of speed, but by the time the grade flattened out, the speedometer was reading 82 as I flashed past the trooper sitting in the median.

Yup, got pulled over, as I should have been. We were slowing for the exit, to get sodas for the rest of the trip, and the tropper pulled onto the exit behind us, and gave us a light show.

I had my license and the car registration out, ready for him, when he introduced himself. He also asked for proof of insurance, and I couldn’t find the current card – but I did have to look through all the previous cards to make sure I didn’t have the current one (he even asked to see some of the previous ones).

“Mr. Cartter, the reason I stopped you was because radar clocked you at 82 miles per hour at the bottom of the hill. Now, the 75 mph zone doesn’t start up until another hundred yards or so beyond where I was sitting, but even in the 75 zone 82 is a bit fast. Now, if you will just wait right here while I run your information through the computer to make sure no one else wants to talk to you, I’ll be right back.”

My brother and I sat there and chatted about previous tickets we had gotten (believe it or not, we were kinda wild in our youth) until I saw the trooper headed back to my window with – could it be? thank you, Lord! – a clipboard in his hand.

“Mr. Cartter, I checked with the fifty states and you are not wanted in any of them…”

“Thanks for not checking the other seven…” slipped out before I could stop myself.

“…and two points for the Obama reference” he continued with a slight grin. “I have written a warning for you, to watch your speed and make sure you get a current copy of your insurance card in the vehicle. You never know when you’ll need it.”

My surprise was written all over my face, and I said “Thank you for the warning. I do apologize, I was talking to my brother, down from Salt Lake, and we were headed to our sister’s funeral.” I signed the warning, he gave me a copy, and we continued to the convenience store to get a couple of cokes.

When we got back in the car, I looked at the warning. The nice trooper had written it for 80 in a 75. What a wonderful example of God’s Grace, I thought. I deserved a ticket, I was waiting for the ticket, and instead I received a warning.

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I Got To See My Sister Today

September 29th, 2008 . by Cary

Friday evening I got a cab out of dispatch kind of late – a little after 1900 hours, so I had it until about 0700 Saturday morning. I slept most of Saturday, and picked up the Saturday PM cab about 1630. I turned it in Sunday about 0430, went home, took a three hour nap, went to church, went back home, and laid back down about noon. At 1445, my cousin called.

About 25 years ago, my sister LeaAnn (who is seven years older than I am), fought breast cancer to a draw – she survived, but had a mastectomy. About 17 years ago she started an on-again, off-again battle with recurrence. Last April the cancer resurfaced, this time metastasized in her liver, brain, and bones. Friday was her “last” oncology appointment; they did not schedule any more after that.

My cousin (CT) had called to let me know that LeaAnn was at home, on oxygen and pain meds, and resting. I had not planned to go up to Flagstaff to see her before 1445 Sunday afternoon, but ended up going. TMBWitW and MEG stayed home; TMBWitW has month-end closing this week. MEG spent this morning at a friend’s house, and will be there tomorrow and Wednesday. I was at LeaAnn’s house by 1730 Sunday evening. Mom greeted me by looking up at my face (her vision is failing), down at my belly, back up at my face, poking me in the belly and said “Who’s this fat kid?” “Good to see you, too, Mom.”

Another of my sisters (LC) was there with her daughter (ME); I had just missed a niece (CY) and a brother (BK) by an hour or two (they left Flagstaff about the time I left Phoenix), another brother (RC) was still there with his wife (SC) and their daughter (ST), and LeaAnn’s husband (MH) and son (SH) were there. Mom, RC and his family left shortly after I got there. I went in and said hi to LeaAnn, and talked briefly – just long enough to realize that she was in and out of lucidity and the pain meds weren’t keeping her 100% free of pain yet.

I spent the night at her house. This morning LC and ME headed to Tucson to pick up a few things; LC is picking up my third sister, AW, at the airport tonight (flying in from Ohio) and then heading back to Tucson. They will be going back up to Flagstaff Tuesday morning, I will be catching a ride with them. ME is headed back to school and midterms and may rejoin the group later. My older brother, DC, lives in Salt Lake City and may not be able to get down here; he’s been out of work and eating up the savings for a few months now. LC and AW will be coming back through Phoenix late Wednesday evening, and will be dropping me off then. For those keeping track, I may not be active this week until Thursday’s Round Up and Update.

LeaAnn is a fighter. She beat cancer before, and she has not quit fighting. The treatments are not affecting the cancer anymore, but she is still fighting. Right now, cancer has the upper hand, but with God all things are possible. I’m not saying she will be healed, but I’m not saying she won’t. It is His will, not ours. After all the treatments, she looks so tiny.

This morning I talked to LeaAnn again before coming home. She asked what day it was, and I told her it was Monday, September 29, 2008. She said she needed to get up soon because she had to get to work tomorrow. Then she told me that if she said she was tired and needed a nap, it was because she was tired and needed a nap. She wanted to make sure of the date, because she thought it was Tuesday, sometime in June.

I said “No, it’s Monday, September 29.”

“Oh” she said. She seemed puzzled at the date.

I kissed her forehead. “I love you, LeaAnn.”

LeaAnn said, “I love you, too, Cary.”

I got to see my sister today.

House Meeting

September 23rd, 2008 . by Cary

The meeting of the Cats will now come to order. Sit down, Captain.

The meeting of the Cats will now come to ord – no, Captain, we will NOT hold the meeting outside. Yes, I know it’s very nice out this morning. You would just jump the fence and be gone…

The meeting of the Cats will now – Captain, you are about this close to finding a new home.

Fine – Roll call, in order of seniority – Vashka – Sarabi – Captain – Jewel – and Phantom. Good. Now, first item is the use of the litter box. First, I would like to say that I do appreciate everyone now using the litter boxes, instead of random spots on the floor. Not mentioning any names, Captain, but I think you all know who the culprit was on that subject.

However, in spite of the use of the litter box, I think the next area to be addressed would have to be covering up what is done in the litter box, for the olfactory consideration of the others in the household. The natural scent of the litter will only go so far.

The next item is the treatment of the older cats by the younger cats. Again, I will not mention any names, Phantom, but there have been inquiries as to the necessity of having more than two cats in the house in the first place, and a certain senior cat has specifically requested the removal of the most junior cat. At this time, we are not looking at a reduction in Cat Force, however, economic and personnel considerations may necessitate a future revision of this position. Particularly if any further complaints are received. Again, not pointing any fingers, Phantom, but if the shoe fits …

With that, do I have a motion to adjourn? Thank you Vashka – second? Thank you, Jewel. Adjourned.


The meeting of the Dogs will now come to order. Sit! Stay!

Roll call by seniority: Sadie – Sara – Cinnamon – Mackenzie. Good. A moment of silence to remember Logan.

Thank you.

First item – the management wishes to assure all personnel holding the position of Dog in the household that not all car trips are one way. If you will all recall, there has only been one trip that was not there and back, and it was due to medical reasons. Until and unless medical issues arise, all car trips are for fun!

Second item – please remember the big bed is primarily for the humans. Any dogs on the big bed are there at the discretion of one or both of the humans, and that privilege can and will be revoked for either hogging space or passing gas.

Third item – random barking in the middle of the night is not nearly as amusing as you might think. Please keep any middle-of-the-night barking to truly emergency reasons. This means if there is a fire or break in, you may bark; but if there is a car driving down the street you may not.

Do I have a motion to adjourn? Thank you, Sara – second? Thank you, Sadie. Adjourned.


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