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Sunday Morning, Musing

April 30th, 2017 . by Cary

Apparently the dogs don’t care about Sunday morning either.

In most cases of gun laws, however, there is usually not a majority of people clamoring for the law. THere is usually a very vocal minority (Moms Demand Action, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the State of New York, the State of California, the City of Chicago, the City of Baltimore) which gets listened to and suddenly no one is “allowed” to own firearms. The Second Amendment is very clear in this regard:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

In order for a government to pass a law, they must first have jurisdiction over the area to be regulated. Assuming this authority without actual jurisdiction is called infringement.

verb (used with object), infringed, infringing.
1. to commit a breach or infraction of; violate or transgress: to infringe a copyright; to infringe a rule.
verb (used without object), infringed, infringing.
2. to encroach or trespass (usually followed by on or upon): Don’t infringe on his privacy.

Once the law is passed, without the consent of the governed, it is very difficult to repeal the law. It becomes a normal part of everyday living. Passing a new law to override the old law is still assuming authority in the area of question.

The solution is to repeal the restrictive law. Do not pass new laws covering this topic, simply repeal the old. Once repeal is complete, then there is no legal standing for the action of prosecution for the formerly illegal activity. A new paradigm must be instilled, in that the enforcers of the law cannot continue to enforce the law which is no longer there; and must, from that point forward, reset their thinking to the point of not having jurisdiction in that area. IN other words, not only stop enforcing anti-gun laws, but stop thinking they CAN be anti-gun without a legal basis for such thinking.

Now, for Baltimore: the reason you have so many murders is because you have made it impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. The criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why they are criminals. If the citizens had a means of defense, and the criminals were aware of that, the murder rates would be much lower – more in line with the rest of the nation (with the exception of those ares with restrictive gun laws, where the murder rates are higher than those areas without restrictive gun laws). In other words, let the citizens be armed, even the odds, and watch the murder rates drop along with the recidivism. Statistics show that criminals who are fatally shot in the commission of a crime have a much lower repeat offense rate.

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It’s For The Children!

June 8th, 2015 . by Cary

Obama(THHO)’s buddy, the “Reverend” Michael Pfleger, has this to say about the large number of violent deaths in Chicago, while neatly sidestepping the issue of who is pulling the trigger:

“I’m tired of funerals of babies, while [the] NRA, manufacturers, and [gun stores], run to the bank making profits from death. … At the end of the day you can argue with us [and] you can call us names, but you got to deal with God. And the blood of our children is on your hands. And you will pay for the murder of our children.”

Notice he also sidestepped the issue of abortion-on-demand, which annually kills more than 3 million children, which is many times more than the “children” who have died in Chicago through firearm-related deaths.

Just sayin’.

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Serial Reposting

April 11th, 2013 . by Cary

I did not write the following piece:

I didn’t writ this, it was written by an old friend Robert Bidinotto. I freely stole it from his Facebook post, but I thought it so important that it should be shared on my Facebook page and here as well. Robert, you done good kid, you done good.

THOUGHTS DURING THE GUN-CONTROL DEBATE: During my days doing investigative crime articles for Reader’s Digest, I had the (dubious) opportunity to saturate myself in case studies of various sociopaths and to read the studies of, and interview, a host of top experts on criminal psychology. After culling through all of it looking for answers as to why these people do what they do, I came to the conclusion that there are these universally present ingredients:

1. Low self-esteem, leading to a “social victim” self-image

2. Cultivating some excuse/rationale for violent retaliation against one’s “victimizers.” (These excuses can be simple and personal, or elaborate and even ideological.)

3. Constant “rehearsal,” through fantasy, about (re)gaining power and control in one’s life, through violence and “revenge.”

4. In cases of serial crimes, a pattern of escalating acts of violence against select targets. In cases of sudden mass murders, a long-fantasized, rehearsed, and planned quasi-”military” strike of “righteous slaughter” against anonymous representatives of the hated “society,” or against some symbolic target group of tormentors, often touched off by some kind of “last straw” insult or failure in the perp’s life.

You see these elements again and again and again. That’s how criminal profilers can so accurately draw up a predictive portrait of some unknown perpetrator in these crimes.

Guns are not the cause of any of this. They are just one means to nihilistic ends. The spree attacker who stabbed 14 people with an Exacto-knife this week says he had fantasized about doing that since the age of eight. Serial killers like Ted Bundy lived in a fantasy world of sadistic porn, their crimes escalated from “peeping Tom,” to stalking, to breaking-and-entering girls’ residences, to violent assaults — then to kidnapping, rape, torture, strangulation, etc., ad nauseum. Neither of these losers used guns.

If you study violent repeat criminals, you’ll find that they are constantly losing themselves in a mental universe of violent role-playing. And violent role-playing games are MUCH more realistic in depicting scenes of carnage and bloodshed — and in stimulating violent fantasies — than shooting at some bland paper target in the controlled environment of a firing range.

Focusing on gun control is entirely beside the point. If these creatures don’t have access to guns, they’ll find another brutal way to strike. Serial rapists and murderers rarely use guns; they prefer more “personal” means of hurting. The worst mass murder in an American school took place many decades ago; the perpetrator was a farmer who used three fertilizer-based bombs to slaughter scores of kids, teachers, and administrators. Ditto, the Oklahoma City bombers.

Feel-good gun-control measures, which only deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to self-defense, are futile, because nihilistic killers, by definition, will NEVER obey any laws, including gun laws. They’ll find other means — bombs, poison, knives, automobiles, airplanes, or simple arson — to slaughter others.

What parents, families, friends, and co-workers should focus on instead are tell-tale signs of any of the behavioral characteristics I mentioned above. Only a small minority of people who exhibit the first three characteristics will finally “act out” their fantasies; but all of those who DO take such violent actions exhibit those first three characteristics.

Sadly, a subjectivist, morally relativistic society where people have been taught that “anything goes” and that the highest value is attaining instant fame and “celebrity,” is a breeding ground for such creatures. And a host of “progressive” intellectuals are only too eager to offer deterministic excuses and legal defenses for them, enabling widespread sociopathic conduct. A society without moral moorings, that encourages and rewards narcissism, is not up to the task of minimizing sociopathy — which is only one step removed from narcissism.

I lifted it from GM Roper over at The Constitutionalist’s Corner. Please, feel free to check out all his work.

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