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Red Friday

August 22nd, 2008 . by Cary

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A little later than normal, but that’s the way Friday goes sometimes.

Good show this morning, on The O Word – go listen to the archive (forgive the voice, it’s still recovering) and rate the show! Subjects touched on were the Olympic Medal Count, Telegraphing Your Punches, Typo Vigilantes, Building 7 (WTC), Cindy’s House, and a word about a possible Tiebreaker at the Elections.

Big thanks to prying1 (his book listings can be found here), mdconservative, Mrs. CP(AnnieB) and of course my favorite squid Gawfer for joining me in the chat room.

prying1 has a scanned copy of a poetry booklet from the “Lost Battalion” circa WW1 and has a post up about it on his regular blog, Digging a Little Deeper. He has also made it available to any who are interested to download it, and you would be free to print it out if you so desire.

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Where You Been?

August 21st, 2008 . by Cary


Friday, after the show, was spent cleaning the house (with TMBWitW, who took the day off) so when the dogsitter came on Saturday she wouldn’t notice that we have five dogs who shed constantly.

We needed the dogsitter because TMBWitW’s aunt was in Kingman visiting the cousins. We left here at about 0600 to get to Kingman in time for breakfast with our very good friend, her fiancé, and her daughters at the Cracker Barrel. I had the slightest hint of a sinus headache. One of the cousin’s son had spent Friday sick, but that was not revealed to anyone until after we had left, at around 2000.


I woke up Sunday morning with no voice, swollen glands, and post-nasal drip. TMBWitW had a sinus thing going on. MEG sounded like a harbor seal and was running a slight temp. They stayed home while I went to church, although I did not sing and spent most of the service trying not to cough. Should’ve taken a laxative.

Monday – no conscious thoughts from any of us. TMBWitW managed to get hold of her doctor. They called in a prescription for her. With the help of Thera-Flu and Tylenol Cold, I managed to get my symptoms under control. MEG got an appointment for Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – TMBWitW went to work, and got sent home. She worked from home for a while, then went back to bed. MEG’s appointment revealed an ear infection. They called in a prescription. I boosted Tylenol’s stock some more.

Wednesday – TMBWitW works from home on Wednesdays anyway, so no biggie. Although, she didn’t get going until 0800 instead of her normal 0600. Not that I noticed – I slept until 0930. So did MEG.

Today – I spent most of last night keeping TMBWitW awake with my constant coughing and hacking. When she got up to go to work, she told me to call the doctor and get something, or she would muffle me herself. Medicine sure does make her cranky.

I sure hope I have a voice in time for the show tomorrow morning. BlogTalkRadio, The O Word, 0700 Mountain Standard Time (that’s 1000 on the east coast, 0700 on the west coast).

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Red Friday

August 15th, 2008 . by Cary

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It’s not too late! Run over here to listen to the archive of today’s show. You also have the opportunity to rate the show, and leave a comment.

What did I talk about? I’m glad you asked: Olympics Medal Count – “winner” of the 26th annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest – did you know they keep score during the womens beach volleyball? – the age of the Chinese Gymnasts – McCain and Obama to participate in a two-hour forum at Saddleback Church Saturday evening – and Wild Phil tells a joke!

A big thank you to those who listened in live: Prying1, Wild Phil, Gawfer, and for the last few minutes, the Ron and Tom show joined the chat room.

Next week – same time, same place!

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Round Up Time

August 14th, 2008 . by Cary

Apparently, my site was unavailable yesterday for some time. Since it was a Wednesday, and TMBWitW was working from home, I had no idea. A big THANK YOU to Texas Fred for leaving me a message about the fine service you can expect from StartLogic. Robert, I’m almost there.

Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

Political Pistachio starts us off with a few questions about the reliability of one Barry Soetoro. Never heard of him? That’s the way Obama wants it to stay, apparently…

Richard has a bunch of juveniles hanging around his place on the lake.

Evolution Right is having a series of bad times – go on over and help him see through to the clear blue. (note – pessimists, don’t follow the link. we’re trying to cheer him up…)

A quick word about promoting eternal damnation over on Amazed In His Presence.

Blackfive has the latest on Georgia (the nation) and embedded reporters comparing notes on then and now.

Bloviating Zeppelin has a matter of grave importance to consider. (WARNING: graphic image, not for the weak of stomach)

GuyK has an idea on how to get the liberals and the conservatives moving in the same direction…

Words of encouragement over on Carried By Christ.

Third Wave Dave uses a clip of Baxter Black (check out YouTube if you haven’t heard of him) to point out just how lucky we are.

I just popped in on my friend Texas Fred and it doesn’t look good. He’s fed up. Anyone between Fred and the nearest crook-in-suit should probably duck. Just sayin’…

Good Thought of the Day over on Andrew Tallman’s page.

Seems Obama is not the only one who’s word is being questioned – see cube’s entry on the BLOG about China and some age issues…

Jenn has good news for the left.

American and Proud has confirmation of Jenn’s report.

Samantha is busy this week, but she managed to get a word in edgewise about Murtha and post-firefight recall. Good read. Be sure to follow her links, too.

Alaska Steve has a picture of something that was picked up on the side of the road. Hint: I wish I had that.

Gawfer has a video of some precision moves.

Talking about “stressful schedules” over on Akinoluna.

RattlerGator (a new member of my blogroll, in case I didn’t mention it earlier) has a very good piece up regarding the Georgia/Russia war.

This one is a double-link. The Bull is having problems with segregation in his child’s middle school. Old Soldier has blogged about it. Check out the original article, and give Bull your support.

Kathi is talking about a burn clinic run by volunteers in Iraq.

Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds has the results from a fraud survey – hang on to your wallets before reading this one!

The Loon has a piece up on what Virginia’s Governor, Tim Kaine (D-which stands for dumb) has claimed – that the Obamanation brokered the cease-fire between Russia and Georgia. Really? A junior senator from Illinois managed to broker peace between countries without going there, in the middle of his campaign for president? He is truly remarkable – if for nothing else, then the lengths his supporters will go to make him appear larger than life.

cookiecrumbexpress has a great quote from Reagan posted.

A word from Regular Ron regarding the vestiges of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

Just John is pondering his course of action regarding a couple of guys he oversees who are acting like they just joined the outfit, instead of supposedly being in the leadership of said outfit…

Mary gives us a well-written review of My Heart Remembers.

Amboy Times has more information on the Georgia/Russia war.

On Our Sovereign Joy, Scott shares the news that he may be moving to a new congregation. Best of everything, Scott!

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MSM and Falling Stocks

August 12th, 2008 . by Cary

As my more surroundings-aware readers may remember, my wife (TMBWitW) works for a newspaper here in the Valley of the Sun. She is not responsible for any of the content, but she is responsible for telling the corporate leadership about the numbers generated by the newspaper – she is, after all, an accountant. She also doesn’t share information with me, so don’t go asking about numbers, because I simply do not know.

Those same readers who remembered the first part might also remember this: at one point in time, I was delivering the paper, in bundles, to businesses who would then re-sell the papers. You know, like convenience stores, supermarkets, and even paper machines (which, to tell the truth, pay the best, but you run the greater risk of having some psycho follow you from machine to machine and break into it, stealing either the papers, or the coin, or both. either way, it’s broken and you have to get a replacement machine.).

At one point during my time delivering the papers, there was a meeting (a lunch meeting) for the contractors (who all worked between midnight and 0700) in order to have a question and answer session. Of course, the first question some smart aleck asked was why they would schedule a lunch meeting for a bunch of people who were essentially vampires. That question was ignored, and the ignoring of the question pretty much answered what would have been my follow-up question of “Why don’t you listen to what is being said, instead of just giving the company line for anything?”

I digress.

The people putting on the lunch meeting, after getting over the disappointment of only having nine people show up from a group of over sixty (see “vampire”), welcomed us all and asked a question of their own, in order to get input.

The question was “How do you think we can increase sales?” and the answers were many and varied. Tossing aside the use of naked models to have strategically placed section of the paper covering them, (no imagination in these sales types. marketing would have gone for it in a flash. so to speak.) they instead focused on the answers we gave them with some serious thought. For example, it was pointed out that constantly telling people they can get more information on the paper’s (free) website would tend to drive people toward the web and away from the paper.

After looking at it from a distance now, I think the answer is more subtle. You see, the print media is leaning more and more to the left. More often than not, the current crop of journalists and editors are coming from the bastions of liberal learning, and starting to have a profound effect on the content of the nation’s media outlets. This is very evident in the larger broadcast media outlets, but let’s concentrate on print media for a moment.

Think back to what Air America tried to do. Seeing the success of conservative talk radio (filled with ‘proud to be an American’ thoughts words and deeds) Air America wanted to copy the business plan and create a liberal talk radio offering that could be syndicated and shared everywhere, uniting the left-thinking in the same way the right-thinking were uniting. The problem is that the liberal talk radio filled up with what the liberal think about – how terrible the United States is, how awful that we are so successful while other countries are stuck in their Third World status, and criticizing the country with all it’s failings. Let’s face it, people don’t want to hear doom and gloom all day, even if they are liberals. The conservative talk radio was supporting the country, giving constructive advice and lifting one another in praising the good things that the country is doing. In the end, Air America failed because it couldn’t keep it’s listener base (along with the money that listener base uses for purchasing and advertising) from being scared off by it’s attacks on the very country that allowed it to exist.

Translate that to the print media. With the liberals writing, editing, and publishing America-bashing articles (even subtly), people don’t want to hear it. Or, in this case, read it. With papers urging their readers to get more information on the web, their readers actually had the audacity to go out and get independent confirmation of the information presented – but not from the paper’s website. They went straight to the sources, and read the straight facts before the facts went through the prism that is present in every newsroom today. Sales start to slide, and then to fall. The paper starts wondering what went wrong, all the time struggling to stay afloat. Reorganizations are tried, services are centralized, and all the while those pesky customers keep taking the paper’s advice of finding more information on the web and, as a result, stop paying for slanted stories.

The papers, meanwhile, are confounded by the fact that they are still telling themselves they are fair and balanced. Refusing to admit you have a problem will prevent you from ever solving that problem. The editorial boards are slowly being taken over by journalists who have slowly advanced to their new positions after graduating from a college system that thinks Noam Chomsky is a patriotic centrist. The new editors are products of a school system that has eliminated as “biased” anything that smacks of conservative or patriotic values – prayer in school, the Pledge of Allegiance, respect for elders – and replaced them with more “inclusive” values – allowance for any religion but Christianity, the display of any flag not associated with the dominionistic policy of the United States, everyone is equal and worth the same – and their world view reflects it. But, the paper is still “fair and balanced” in it’s coverage.

Until the Mainstream Media wakes up to the fact that their business model of reporting with such a slant is what is killing them so softly and quietly, the values of the media outlets will continue to fall. It may take the complete and utter failure of a media giant like Gannett to wake the rest of the industry to facts.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Let’s hope that they have finally quit hitting the snooze button and are in the process of waking up to reality.

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