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What Did She Say?

October 20th, 2016 . by Cary

The classification system for our military operational and logistical secrets (and, don’t forget Operational Security, or OPSEC) is a very serious matter. Serious enough that the lives of our armed forces depend on it, and serious enough that if you misuse or release classified information, you could end up in jail at the very least. The highest punishment for the release of classified information is a charge of treason. In peacetime (that means when we aren’t at war with anyone) being guilty of treason means a very, very long prison sentence. During wartime (that means when we have combat troops deployed and defending assets with live ammunition) a charge of treason can result in your execution.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State for the United States, made the apparently common and unavoidable mistake of setting up a private e-mail server for her official communications, including classified information in those emails. James Comey, the FBI director, found that in spite of this, former Secretary Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted for mishandling of classified information, setting the precedent of allowing Democrats to flaunt national security at will.

Having just gone through several hearings, briefings, and being reminded that (C) is not just for cookie, Hillary once again disregarded national security and broadcast top secret information in the clear on global television during the October 19, 2016 Presidential Debates. Either she is purposely releasing classified information in the clear, in which case she is unfit for the Presidency, or she is so blind to what security actually entails that she is unfit for the Presidency.

Oh, you need proof?

Skip ahead to the 6:30 mark and listen from there.

Trump 2016 – He Doesn’t Share Secrets

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Uhmmm …

September 28th, 2016 . by Cary

Obama(THHO)’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is an amazing woman. She shows so much resilience and the ability to recover from horrific medical conditions that I’m convinced she is either an alien or there are a bunch of her in storage, ready to fire up when a previous model fails. I’m not talking about the medical issues that seem to plague this particular android/clone hybrid (apparently the genes aren’t strong enough to fend off signs of neurological disorders, but I digress). I’m talking about her amazing memory.

As most of America wishes to forget, there was a Presidential Debate Monday evening. Well, it was billed as a debate, but I think it was more of a two-on-one dog pile. Mrs. Clinton (aka Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife) could spout off details about Donald Trump’s business history, personal history, and financial history that astounded the “moderator” and wowed her salivating lap dogs the media. It kind of amazed me, too, since she:

Claimed she couldn’t recall more than thirty six times during an FBI interview;

Could not recall the briefings she received when leaving her post as Secretary of State (but it’s OK, because it’s due to her health issues, and we don’t discuss that for fear of being “cancelled”);

Could not recall if she had ever lied to the American people;

and cannot recall how many times she has fainted.

But she wants to be your next President. She remembers that much.

There’s more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

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Man Plans, God Laughs

July 22nd, 2016 . by Cary

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I meant well. I do plan to sell the bike. I do plan to stop riding, so my wife does not worry about me.

On the way home Wednesday afternoon, I was changing lanes on the freeway (turn signal, mirror check, shoulder check) and half way into the lane I got knocked back into the lane I was leaving. Sideswiped, hard, by a lady coming from the lane further out. Running damage down the drivers side of my car, and my side view mirror (the one I had just checked – ah, good times …) was destroyed. We pulled over, exchanged insurance and registration information, and went along our way. I very carefully made sure to stay in the far right lane all the way to the exit, and then stayed in the left lane all the way to the house. No mirror to check, you know. But I can guarantee that my shoulder checks were often and thorough. My insurance adjuster still gave me an earful when she found out the mirror was gone and I had still driven it home. I was told in no uncertain terms that the car was not to be moved under it’s own power until the mirror was replaced.

Our auto insurance covers the cost of a rental car. I was OK with it at first, my beautiful bride was not. I offered to let her drive the rental, but even that didn’t help. We turned it back in yesterday.

That left only one option: the motorcycle.

While my bride reluctantly agreed, and I know my knee cannot take another hit like it did in May, I certainly enjoyed the ride in to work this morning.

(full disclosure: my bride had agreed, before the sideswipe happened, to allow me to make one last Patriot Guard ride, to escort the National Riders from Winslow to Kingman on Saturday morning)

So, while I had planned to park it, circumstances changed that. I’m not saying it’s God’s will for me to ride, but …


Chat ya later…

cary friday

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Well, That Was Unexpected

May 19th, 2016 . by Cary

Turns out you don’t need to be directly involved in a traccif incident to have medical issues from the incident.

Thursday, May 12, 2016 – I was riding home, minding my own business, when a car driven by an incompetent idiot swerved and slid sideways and backwards across two lanes of traffic, the center turn lane, and part of the oncoming lane of traffic on west bound Glendale Avenue. The back of this moron’s car swiped two oncoming vehicles, and then the idiot took off. In the men time, the traffic ahead of me went from 40 to zero rather quickly. Even though I had a safe following distance, I still felt it prudent to swerve out from behind the car ahead of me to avoid the car behind me smashing into me. In the process of the avoidance, my left foot touched the ground. I was still doing about 25 miles per hour. The bike stayed up, I came to a full and complete and safe stop in the middle turn lane, and I twisted me left knee. Badly.

At a full stop, I realized my knee hurt a lot. I couldn’t put pressure on my left leg to, say, put down the kickstand. Well, not easily. Despite the beautiful weather, I was sweating bullets by the time I got the kickstand down and I had gotten off the bike. My left leg could not take any weight. My knee was quickly swelling to the size of a softball.

It was determined by all involved (the two vehicles headed east that had been hit turned around to see if the guy had stuck around) that the driver had not had human parents. It was also determined that we were all on our own for insurance reasons. I had to get myself and the bike home. Getting back on wasn’t the problem, I could do an off-side mount (think horse riding). Getting the kickstand up was a pain. Literally. Once I got rolling, I thanked the makers of Yamaha for making the heel-and-toe shifter fairly standard equipment on the V-Star line of bikes.

Once I was home, I got inside the house, let the dogs out, and went out to the garage to bring the bike in. Having to back the bike in, under normal conditions, is no problem. Backing in the bike while not being able to use your left leg for strength, stability, or power makes it a little trickier. Doing all this while your wife is watching from the driver’s seat of her vehicle because she happened to pull in as you were in the middle of this, and trying not to show how hurt you really are, is impossible. I cried, real tears, as I finished backing the bike into place. She parked her car, asked me what happened, and decreed that a visit to the ER was in my immediate future.

I was in no position to argue, as I still hadn’t gotten off the bike.

MEG was dispatched into the master closet, where a pair of crutches had been stored from another knee issue many moons ago. At the ER, it was determined that nothing was broken. I left the VA with a knee immobilizing brace. A few weeks later, the MRI showed that while nothing was broken broken, there were bone chips that were healing nicely where the ACL and the MCL were nearly torn from their anchor points. The MRI also showed bone bruising on the inside of the femur where it struck the outside of the tibia. Told you I twisted it badly. The Ortho specialists determined that a hinged knee brace for four weeks, without the crutches, would be sufficient for healing the knee.

My beautiful bride is of the opinion that four weeks is not enough before I get back on the bik, and has determined that eight weeks would be better. Since I love her more than I love the Ortho specialists, I will acquiesce to her requests. The bike remains parked.

Chat ya later…


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Money and Political Correctness

April 21st, 2016 . by Cary

It would appear that the liberal/progressive/Politically Correct crowd has finally gotten something they have been clamoring for – a female on contemporary paper currency.

Martha Washington was on this country’s paper currency in the 1800s, so it won’t be the first time a female has appeared on our paper currency, and since Sacagewea and Susan B. Anthony have been on dollar coins, that frontier has been breached in recent times and has escaped the attention of the lib/prog/PC crowd.

There was talk about removing Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar bill and replacing him with a Female To Be Named Later, but cooler heads prevailed, and an “easier” target for the lib/prog/PC crowd was soon acquired – that slave owning, parameter ignoring, native-peoples-killing President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. After all, he was for a lot of things the current lib/prog/PC(/history ignorant) crowd is against – slaves, usurping the lands of native peoples, relocating and/or killing said native peoples, and … being a Democrat.

No, wait – that last part is OK, but the other things are bad, so we have to get rid of Jackson from the $20 bill.

Now on to the more important part of this progression – who should be selected to replace Jackson? The historical female figure should show strength, and courage, and have been instrumental in making a huge, impactful change on the very fabric of this country. Sacagewea and Susan B. Anthony had already been chosen from other projects, so who else would there be? Let’s see – Margaret Sanger, Democrat, founder of Planned Parenthood – no, wait, it’s been pretty obvious that her aim was to remove the Black population by aborting mostly black babies. That wouldn’t send the right message. Christa McAuliffe – hey, she was a teacher, was selected to represent teachers in the NASA space program, died in that service – wait, no, she’s white. That’s really not the right message.

I know – Harriet Tubman! She ran the Underground Railroad, moving slaves from the south to the north! She helped slaves escape the oppression of mean old whitey! This is perfect!

(interesting side note – the people group that exported slaves from Africa were black tribal chiefs who sold conquered tribes to black slave traders, who then sailed them with no regard to their well being to the young United States, where they were first sold to a black land owner)

Which brings us to the link portion of the story – apparently the lib/prog/PC(history ignorant) crowd overlooked a few things about Harriet – as discussed in this article at The Patriot Post, she trusted wholly in God, carried a pistol, and served as a scout, spy, and nurse for the Union Army. Good thing they’re all ignorant of history – looks like we get a person of strong conservative beliefs on the most-used paper currency. Of course, we have to wait until 2030 before we start seing them, but I think it will be well worth the wait.

Unless one of the lib/prog/PC crowd cracks an actual history book between now and then …

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